Life Beyond High School

I graduated earlier this May, and I absolutely love being out of school.  Who wouldn't love having no more homework? I'm taking at least a year off before college to work full-time on my music career, and I've never had so much free time on my hands. But all of that said, there's also an element of trust that goes into it all. It's funny how when we're stuck in a routine, everything seems so simple. We think we know all of life's hardest questions, but what do we know, really? All I know is that I'm learning to trust God in a completely new way. 

So with beginning a new era of life (that makes me feel incredibly old saying that), I decided I should also step out of my box and serve God in new ways as well. I recently started helping out with my church's youth group. Ever since attending my first Momentum Youth Conference four years ago, God has given me such a heart for this age group. It's an influential time in a person's life; they’re so moldable and yearning for the truth. I never thought I'd be serving in this way, but God has slowly been tugging on my heart about it for a while now, even though I tried to ignore it. So when the opportunity arose, I jumped at it. I'm curious to see where all of this will lead, so I'm trusting that God knows what he's doing.

If I'm being honest, it's scary not knowing what the future holds. It's like reading the most amazing novel ever and then not being able to skip to the ending for a quick sneak peek. Chapter by chapter, people come and go from our lives. Some make a difference in ways that they'll never know. We’ll try things we never thought we would do. There will be plot twists at every turn. We don't know how our stories will end, but they were written long ago, before even time itself began. God can use us in ways we never imagined, but we need to have a willingness to serve and to trust him when everything else seems uncertain. 

My prayer is that whether through my music, youth group or another ministry, one person would come to know Jesus and walk closely with him. If I reach one person, then it will ALL be worth it.

I don't know what my future holds, but I’m sure of who holds it! So all my greatest dreams, plans, and hopes... I place them in your hands, God - the author of my story.

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