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Book Review: Grace is Greater - Kyle Idleman 

Something that caught my attention right away about this book was redefining the word grace. We've gotten so accustomed to it. Every sermon is about it. It's something we've been given, and something we should give away. But do we really understand it… the depth of what it truly means?

Something I learned was that Jesus never used the word grace, though he continually showed us what it looked like throughout his life and ministry. He even shows us that same grace today. 

Grace and forgiveness has been a topic I have been studying in-depth this year, and Grace is Greater has really been a great read. Kyle has such a way with words, and his openness to share, even from his personal experience, makes this book that much better. 

Winter Reviews 

Project Inspired
This book, written by Nicole Weider, is a must read for Christian young women. As I read this, it felt less like reading a book, and more like flipping through the pages of a magazine. Similar in style to Nicole's website, she covers a number of topics, ranging from beauty and fashion tips, to relationships, overcoming depression, and sharing your faith. Project Inspired challenges young girls to face culture with the mind of Christ.

The Chase
The Chase was simply a joy to read. Written by married couple, Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky, each chapter alternates between the two as they recount their love story. The book starts off long before they meet each other, as they struggle with former significant others, grow in their faith, and eventually fall in love with one another. The overall theme teaches us the great importance of trusting God with our happily ever after. What is so enchanting about The Chase, is to read the same love story from two different perspectives.

Book Review: Lies Young Women Believe 

I recently had the pleasure of reading Lies Young Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Dannah Gresh. This book is about the top 25 lies that girls believe, and the truth that sets them free. Material covers lies we believe about God, Satan, ourselves, guys, relationships, our faith, sin, media, and the future. Every topic is assigned specific Scripture references that shed light on each lie. Repeatedly, it encourages you to not just know the truth, but to believe it. This is an incredible book and I would recommend it to any young lady. It would also make a great Bible Study for a group of girls.

John 8:32 (ESV)
And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

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