Changing the Situation in Homeless Ministry

“When we go into Kensington as the body of Christ, it changes the situation.” - James Holt 

Keeping this truth in the back of our minds, about 105 of us boarded on some buses headed for Kensington Avenue.  

Book Review: Grace is Greater - Kyle Idleman

Something that caught my attention right away about this book was redefining the word grace. We've gotten so accustomed to it. Every sermon is about it. It's something we've been given, and something we should give away. But do we…


Winter Reviews

Project Inspired
This book, written by Nicole Weider, is a must read for Christian young women. As I read this, it felt less like reading a book, and more like flipping through the pages of a magazine. Similar in style…

God Listens to the Little Things

Momentum 2016. Oh what an impactful week that was on my life! This was my sixth year going to youth conference and my first year as a leader. The theme this year was Yours; finding your identity in Jesus Christ. 


Love Found Me: Behind the Song

I was thinking a lot about the Israelites when I wrote "Love Found Me". They spent 40 years...40 YEARS... wandering in the wilderness, because they disobeyed God. They were living life in circles. They would obey God and…

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Honoring God on Facebook

Facebook in itself is not a bad thing, but it’s very important how we choose to use it. It can be a powerful tool for ministry, or it can be extremely negative. Either way, it’s an honest unveiling of character.…

The Beauty of Grace

Grace. It's something we all need, but certainly don't deserve. It's something we readily accept, but find hard to give. God gave us the ultimate gift of grace when he died on the cross for our sins, coming back to…

Life Beyond High School

I graduated earlier this May, and I absolutely love being out of school.  Who wouldn't love having no more homework? I'm taking at least a year off before college to work full-time on my music career, and I've never had…

What I Learned at Momentum 2014

My youth group recently attended Momentum National Youth Conference. This year’s theme was based on Kyle Idleman’s book Not a Fan. Each speaker challenged us to not just be a fan of Jesus, but to follow him with…