Life Beyond High School

I graduated earlier this May, and I absolutely love being out of school.  Who wouldn't love having no more homework? I'm taking at least a year off before college to work full-time on my music career, and I've never had so much free time on my hands. But all of that said, there's also an element of trust that goes into it all. It's funny how when we're stuck in a routine, everything seems so simple. We think we know all of life's hardest questions, but what do we know, really? All I know is that I'm learning to trust God in a completely new way.   [Read more...]
Welcome! Dance in the Rain contains 12 original songs written by Juliana, and is now available in the store. Digital downloads are also available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and CD Baby. Dance in the Rain released December 5, 2012. We pray that this album is a blessing to you.


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